Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What does she do exactly?

Well, when I am not being a super mom, super wife, super homeowner, and super writer (I don't even qualify for that one), I am working at MAK Design+Build, a local green design-build remodeling firm. I am also a Certified Green Building Professional (professional what you ask? well, don't ask. Professional everything!)

Here is my staff profile, which tells you the tip of the iceberg of what I do around here:
Go to: makdesignbuild.com THEN "We Are" THEN "The Team" THEN click on my photo.

Next check out the newsletter archive. Other than the first issue (which was more team collaborated) , I have put together all of them and written most of the articles. Our fantastic graphic guru, Phuong Nguyen of Melonhead Studios gets credit for making them look good - I just write the stories and pick the graphics - he makes it all come together and look snazzy for us.

Go to: makdesignbuid.com THEN "We Do" THEN "Newsletter".

Also, I stage the photo shoots (and mostly decide what shots we take) with the technical help and good ideas of Dave Adams - our fantastic photographer. We have newer projects up at our new photo gallery at:

I "manage" (being a relative and constantly redefined verb at this company...) the marketing, green research and implementation, developing standard operating procedures, help with projects in design and construction, process new leads, and on and on. Many hats, one head.

So, if you have any green building questions, I am your go-to gal!