Friday, April 25, 2008

Nalgene - how the mighty have fallen

Nalgene was so big in the 90's. Nalgene's were invincible - you could run over them with a car! Amazing! I remember when their patent ran out and competitors could finally make the polycarbonate plastic bottles - it was huge!

And now, Nalgene's polycarbonate plastic (aka Lexan) has been linked to endocrine disruption and cancer. You might be able to run over them with your car, but you better not drink from them after a day rolling around in the car. This is driving a stake through the hearts of outdoorsy people across the globe. You can hear us collectively smacking our heads on the desktop of our dayjob cubicles. Of course, us outdoorsy folks could write off the potential health threats in the name of getting out there and being healthy in the natural world, but that's about as hypocrtical as driving our gas guzzling SUVs up the mountain to do it. Oh wait, we do that too...But in the name of health-consciousness, I am deeply pondering maybe someday giving up my bottle, maybe.

Of course, Sigg makes fun, colorful (but small and pricey) stainless steel bottles, and you can always pick up a super heavy original Thermos canteen at the local thrift store. But I think the kid in us still longs for the brightly colored plastic and the ridiculously large volume the Nalgene's touted, while weighing practically nothing.

So what to do with your indestructible but now useless Nalgene? Well, I have found the solution - make it a nightlight! Oh yes, this is by far my favorite techie invention of the decade, Nalgene-salvation perks aside. I am totally geeking out on this - too bad my Nalgene has the tiny drinking spout so the light won't fit!

Check it out, and repurpose your Nalgenes into a light that lasts forever! Of course, the neon glow may not strike you as the natural ambience you are seeking out in the wilderness, and in that case, I say donate it to your favorite scared-of-the-dark youngster. Or, keep drinking from it, and maybe someday you'll be the freakishly neon glowing light in the tent!