Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Forever Fuls

To be honest, I have a hard time thinking of things I am THANKful for. But I can list endlessly things I am GRATEful for. What is that about?? I have no idea.

But that got me thinking about the -fuls...thankful, grateful, joyful, even sorrowful..and how their opposites aren't empties, are they?

It seems to me that unlike other feelings, or states of being, that once you are a -ful, it never really goes away. We don't loose our joys or our sorrows - although mine certainly get lost in the jumble. You don't feel nervous or giddy forever, but really, once a -ful feeling lodges in your heart, I don't think it ever comes out again. Pain may heal, but sorrow never really leaves. Happiness may fade, but a joyful moment is ours to treasure long after.

And now, the -ful words just look wrong and weird, because I have typed them too many times in a row. That's all for now - wishing you a -ful day (even the sorrowful kind - because eventually they'll become bittersweet).