Tuesday, January 29, 2008


They say dogs and their owners resemble each other – like an old married couple, perhaps, each picks up mannerisms of the other. (what does that say about all of the Lab owners out there? “I identify with a dog who is sweet but pretty stupid, obedient but slobbery, and just like everyone else’s dog”…)

So here is the selected (aka shorter) list on how I am like Tana. I am humble enough to say its an honor to resemble my dog, not the other way around.

-Tana loves squishy landing spots. Pillows, blankets, couches, beds. She doesn’t even sleep there, just enjoys the sensations. Right on with her owner.

-Tana is not graceful. She doesn’t know her size, her dimensions, or the power of her feet. She clomps and tromps and stumbles all over everyone.

-Tana loves Ty more than anyone in the world. She dotes on him and sits by the door waiting for him everyday at 5, looking out for him to pull up. I know this because I am waiting by the door too.

-She is incredibly honest. I have never known that dogs could be so honest. When she gets a hold of something she shouldn’t have, she brings it to me. She doesn’t drop it, exactly – she is not passionless…but she lets me know – hey mom, I found something I shouldn’t have, but I couldn’t resist it, but I know you wouldn’t want me to have it, so I am bringing it to you, please help me do the right thing. I take it from her mouth easily, and throw it over the fence (or back in the laundry hamper). She is never sad. She doesn’t even watch it as I throw – she knows, she just wanted to enjoy the thrill of it for a moment. I wish I could do the same. I might be honest, but after I finish indulging, not before.

-She delights in the little things. A tuft of her own hair blown from a corner. A toilet paper roll. A cardboard box. A stinky sock (brought promptly to mom in confession). Getting to go in the front yard – all 10 feet of it.

-She loves a good nook. I think all dogs do – they create little caves or dens or crates under furniture. But a 70 lb dog trying to hide under my chair is hilarious. I get it though. When I was little, we had an under-stair closet that was the most fantastic hideout. I would go in there and read ghost stories – the one place secure enough to let my imagination run wild. My sister and I would make forts out of couch cushions, sheets, and the kitchen table and camp out in there. My home office is tucked into our hall closet. I worked in an Airstream trailer (aka tin can) for a year. I dig small spaces, even if my butt is sticking out.

-Oh for the love of peanut butter.

-Tana won’t give kisses on command, and I won’t make her. I don’t believe in kissing ass.

-She won’t do anything you tell her to, but she’ll do anything you ask her too.

-A lot of perfectly nice, good people are not dog people. A lot of perfectly nice, good people are not my kind of people either. Tana and I are both still confused about that one though. If we could have our way, everyone would be our kind of people. Silly them for missing out.

-Tana is an imp. She loves to run up to the mud hole, wait until we are watching, and then steps in. She waits until we are yelling at her to leave it, come, leave it, Tana!!!! Then she rolls in it. She revels in the rebellion, soaks up the mud and our anger, knowing she will be in trouble and not caring for a minute. She is always totally shocked at the cold water hose bath that follows. The injustice!

-She is egalitarian. She does not want to be dominant, but she doesn’t like submitting either. If she has to choose, she is more likely to sit out – to just lay down and stop playing. She wants everyone to be equals. Equal wrestlers, equal chaser and chasee, friends. She has found a few dogs who get this at the park – they are her favorites. Others are friendly but she is annoyed when they submit, or at others when they won’t leave her be for wanting to be dominant. So she just lays down and waits. She’d rather not play than be in a power struggle.

-She has a flair for the dramatic. She has a fantastic way of collapsing with a humph and a sigh on the floor. Of looking up at you forlornly from her paws. Of pawing and licking at the floor in mock insanity from her boredom. Of getting up to leave just as you sit down to play – she is so over you. Yeah, I might do that a little.


I am not much of a fan of miracles. I have witnessed one or two, and read about a lot. Maybe its my overzealous imagination, but they just don’t “wow” me like they should. Also, I think people waiting for miracles are missing the point.

But today is one of those glorious fall days – its still mid seventies outside but the leaves have turned and the sky has that gray quality that makes the sunlight a soft yellow. It feels foggy even though there is a blue sky. And something about fall feels so poignant to me that I am thinking about miracles today.

Here is the short list of what I find miraculous. I hope the list keeps growing, but any of these are enough to keep me impressed with the wonder in the world.

-forgiveness – hands down, without a doubt, the most miraculous and amazing thing on the planet.

-the planet – or rather, the exact combination of physics, chemistry, and geography that makes life on this planet possible

-conception – I know the birds and the bees part. But really, how does that process make life? The sperm gets in, and oila, baby.

-dying – one moment you are alive, the next you are not. We’ll never know what its like.

-that no one dies in the safeway parking lot – its madness in there!

-that two siblings can come from the same parents, live in the same house, and turn out so entirely different

-boyness and girlness (read Tomboy post)

-water – have you ever studied this stuff? It’s pretty special. It’s the only substance that expands when it freezes, instead of contracting. It has a super high heat quotient (how much heat it takes to which physical states). It has great surface tension. It refracts light. Its edible. The number of aspects that make our living state possible – as well as fun (puddles, snow cones, rainbows, bubble baths, swimming) – that are related to properties of water are amazing.

And that’s about it. Email me if you have something on your Miraculous List, I’d love to hear about it.

Well Then, Better to Clarify Than to Mislead You

I just want it on the record that I know the difference between then and than. You wouldn't know it reading some of my posts. If I weren't a year behind I'd go in and fix them, but I think you'd rather read new stuff.
Consider it a game- how many than/then mistakes can you find? And those spelling errors? Typos, not errors. I can spell anything. Try me. I just can't type your most basic words.

In fact, my husband said the other night, 'Thank God you can spell. I don't think I could ever be married to a woman who didn't spell as well as me." I'll let you unpack that statement...but I take a compliment whenever I can get one. Even when its grammatically incorrect...

So, bear with my typos and then/than moments. I promise, I am educated, just impatient. Think of it as a chance to hone your editing skills and we both win.

Checking In, Oops its 2008

Its um, been over a year since i updated this blog and far more than a year since I posted. That is not because I don't love my blog. I do.

Actually, Blogspot tried to upgrade me to a new version, and after I spent a week transferring everything over, the new version fried up and died, taking my access to both accounts with it.
After many hours researching and emailing the damn info people, I gave up.

So now apparently I am back (whoohoo) in the old version, which I liked better anyways.
The next two posts I wrote somewhere in 2007. Of course, I thought I could tell you when by looking at the last saved date. Then I went in, corrected typos while re-reading, and saved...thus loosing their original date. I love myself sometimes.

So, well, January 08 will look really productive compared to all of 2007. I don't think anyone has been holding their breath anyways. :)
Oh, and I am 28 now, in 2008. I was 26 in 2006. That's fun. Or it will be until 2010, then the fun is over.

PS. I love my friend Mel's blog so I am shameless posting it here.