Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hunting and Gathering

Why is it that some people are avid collectors, and others could care less?
Why do some people need the newest, latest, greatest version - while others just want every version ever made?
Is it tied to some ancient, proto-human, pseudo-squirrel instinct from the days of cave living and ice-age survival? What does what we collect say about us?

I collect odd ball stuff.
Maps. Rocks and shells from places I have been (totally illegal and ungreen, I know). Two new ones: old cameras, and globes. Someday I hope to collect a few old typewriters - but I don't have room yet. They might all be gone by the time I can store them.

Tristan collects all kinds of things - he has a total collector's personality. He doesn't even look at the stuff he gets - just checks it off the list and adds it to the shelf, still wrapped in its packaging. On to the next item on the list. Which is really unrewarding as a parent paying for all those $20 Star Wars figurines...

Tristan collects: star wars stuff (any and all), tree house books, erasers, stuffed animals, squirrels (Pictures and stuffed animals, not the real thing. Although he would if he could). Nerf guns. Paper air planes (he keeps every one he has every made). Anything that comes in a series.

Ty collects: Disappointing Raider games (it's really quite a library now - looks like he is picking up another one as I type). Scrubs season dvds (which he gives to me as gifts, but they are really for him). Golf balls. Tools. Parts for the Z (which may or may not ever be installed). Sports equipment.

Sometimes you go about looking for these things, and sometimes they find you. If word leaks out that you are a fan of something, everyone seems to want to support your fondness. I used to have to hide my interests from my parents - who are gift-happy people - because once they knew I liked, say, wolves, every birthday card would have a wolf on it. I would get wolf books, wolf blankets, wolf figurines. Same with dolphins, Paris/France, and those Willow Tree figurines. Since I am only mildly afflicted with the collecting bug, most of my collections far exceed my interest in the subject. So I feel a little nervous outing my current collections...I still don't have room for those typewriters, or really many more globes.

Maybe I should start collecting storage units, or bookshelves. Or for that matter, laptops and cars. Dinners at good restaurants. Trips across the globe. If you have any extras, let me know - I am starting a collection.

Life is Good

We celebrated Ty's 30th birthday yesterday. We had over 20 dear friends come to Davis and sweat through a windless hot afternoon with us (a reminder that even if the second week of September is beautiful and breezy, fall doesn't really come to Davis until at least October!).

It's a little like a mini-wedding - everyone we love and want to catch up with, but so many people all at once we don't get to talk with anyone enough. But it was really exciting to have so many people with us at once - people from the last 10 (or more!) years of our lives - from family, school, college, post college, church, work...and all the spouses and kids (and strollers!) that have been added in over the years. It makes me a little weepy, I have to admit. I am sucker for a good picnic with friends.

We are really blessed to know an amazing bunch of people. I have been having this conversation a lot lately - that it's really hard to make good friends in the grown up world. We just don't have the opportunities to create the memories, trust, and intimate knowledge of each other that we had when we were younger - and that makes me so much more grateful for the friendships we have developed and held onto - however long distance - over the years. The friends we spent last evening with were all loving, supportive, fun people who have passions, great personalities, and good senses of humor to boot. We are really lucky to know you all.

Then this morning, we made it to church (amazing these days), and were overwhelmed (at least I was, still needing to introvert after all that community last night) by the dozens of people we wanted to say hello to on our way out. Given we were starving, we didn't stop for long, but I was reminded that humanity, after all, is pretty amazing. We know so many amazing people, and at church we often know them just enough to wish we knew them better. I will always hate the mob of people in the lobby as we leave, but now its dotted with faces that bring us joy and make me tempted to stay a few minutes (when I've had breakfast already).

In these pre-election days and all of their political commentary, and in the midst of the economic chaos and the struggles of so many countries, I have been pretty down on humanity. But this weekend reminded me there are really so many things to love about people. And we are really lucky to know so many people who are so lovable!

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Birthday Post

Since my birthday is in the middle of the work week, I have nothing thoughtful to share.
But in typical me-fashion, I'll add a few tidbits: witty, deep, and random:

Witty - hmm. wait. Its still the middle of the week. wittiness between 8-5, m-f...instead I will tell you about a "get well card" that Ty bought this week that cracks us both up:
A cartoon guy is sitting in the middle of a brown river in a row boat. He says, this river sure stinks, and I can't find my paddle. of you may recieve this card someday. Hope it makes you laugh too, despite whatever shit creek you are floating in at the time.

Deep - I did have this revelation at around 1130pm on my last night of being 28: In business, the whole point is to do one thing over and over until you are so good and efficient at it, that people would rather pay you to do it than do it themselves. Given that I really love learning, puzzles, and challenges, the business world is ultimately never going to be able to satisfy me. Huh. Now what?

Random - I love flamenco. The music, the dance, and the great outfits. It's like tap on ecstasy in the Vogue dressing rooms..although that's probably an insulting analogy to make. Here is a great flamenco video - I don't know yet how to embed it so you'll have to paste the link, old-school style.

I like the opening shot where the women are reduced to sillouhettes, and then you see the colors and movements build up, and it moves to one central dancing figure in the end. Its like watching the sunrise. deep+random = two out of three....there are more insulting analogies I could make about flamenco, but that's for another post not in the middle of the week.